About AISM

The Africa Institute of Shipping & Maritime (AISM) is the leading Africa Professional body for all sectors of the Transport and Logistics Industry. The AISM was actually established to promote knowledge of the science and art of Logistics and Transport and to provide a source of authoritative views for communication to government, industry and the community at large.

AISM is the apex regulatory and promotional maritime agency. The Agency was created from the merger of National Maritime Authority and Joint Maritime Labour Industrial Council (former parastatals of the Federal Ministry of Transport). The obligation of regulating the Maritime industry in Africa rests on the Agency.

The Agency was established primarily for the administration of Maritime Safety Seafarers Standards and Security, Maritime Labour, Shipping Regulation, Promotion of Commercial Shipping and Cobatage activities, Pollution Prevention and Control in the marine environment, the Agency also implements domesticated International Maritime Organization (IMO) and International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions.Core.

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