SC  101          Introduction to shipping
                        SC  102          Communication and use of English
                        SC  103          Introduction to port operations
                        SC  104          Introduction to logistics and supply chain management
                        SC  105          Business mathematics

Candidates with five (5) credits 0’level qualifications who sit and pass technicians course are eligible to register for the foundation and Professional Examinations.
            The graduates of this level are expected to work as wharf supervisors or operatives.

            Foundation or Associate level
            Professional Associates are expected are expected to be engaged as assistant
            Managers in the shipping or allied companies.

The structure is as follows:-
                        PA  101         Quantitative Methods in Shipping
                        PA  102         Elements of Port Administrations
                        PA  103         Export Management
                        PA  104         Marketing Relating to Export
                        PA  105         Shipping Law 1
                        PA  106         Principles of Shipping
                        PA  107         Computer Appreciation

Professional level
            Part one (1)             PS 201           Marine insurance
                                                PS 202           Management accounting and finance
                                                PS 203           Freight forwarding practice
                                                PS 204           Maritime geography
                                                PS 205           Port operations and management
                                                PS 206           French language
                                                PS 207           Multi disciplinary studies
            Part two (2)             PS 301           Shipping management
                                                PS 302           Finance of international trade
                                                PS 303           Maritime economics
                                                PS 304           Shipping law II
                                                PS 305           Entrepreneurship
                                                PS 306           Maritime communication and personnel
            Part three (3)          PS 401           Sales and purchase of ship
                                                PS 402           Ship chartering of brokerage
                                                PS 403           International through transport
                                                PS 404           Port development and potentials
                                                PS 405           Shipping and port policy
                                                PS 406           Shipping practice
                                                PS 407           Thesis

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